Frankincense & ... Candle

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Frankincense & ... Candle


The Oils …

Frankincense - Used throughout history and across the world as an incense and in cosmetics; the oil is spicy/resinous and balsamic.  It revitalises and soothes the nerves.

Cypress - Traditionally used as an incense and for medicinal purposes; it has a resinous pine-like aroma, which refreshes and strengthens.

Sweet Orange - Native to Asia, brought to Europe from China by the Portuguese; the oil has a fresh fruity/citrus aroma, which relaxes and can relieve nervous tension.

Cinnamon - An important culinary and medicinal spice for thousands of years; the oil has a warm, spicy/woody aroma, that can help to alleviate stress.

The Aroma … 

Spicy/Citrusy with a woody/resinous heart.

The Effect …

Soothing & Warming

The Candle …

Hand-blended and hand-poured by us in England, using only natural ingredients, with no additives or synthetic fragrances.  We use only 100% natural soy wax, cotton wicks and pure essential oils to create a luxurious candle that will burn a minimum of 50 hours.

450g / Three Wick


This blend is also available as a Single Wick Candle

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