Fir Needle &... Candle

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Fir Needle &... Candle


The Oils …

Fir Needle - The balsam of the Fir Needle Tree was used by the Native Indians for medicinal and ritual purposes.  The oil has a rich, sweet balsamic aroma with a fresh coniferous fragrance.  It soothes and alleviates stress.

Vetiver - Vetiver - The “Oil of Tranquility”; a smoky/woody earthy aroma, ideal for calming the spirits.

Clove Bud - Originally grown in Asia, Clove Trees have been cultivated for thousands of years.  The spice is produced from the dried flower buds and has been considered an important spice since the Sixteenth Century.  The oil is spicy/woody with a fresh top note.  Warming and stimulating. 

Star Anise - Used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 1300 years; the oil has a warm sweet/spicy aniseed/liquorice-like aroma.  Stimulating and uplifting.

Mandarin Red - The fruit originated in China and the Far East, it was introduced to Europe at the beginning of the Nineteenth Century. The oil is sweet/citrusy with a floral undertone. It strengthens and soothes the nerves.

The Aroma …

A smoky/woody base with a spicy heart and a citrusy top note.

The Effect …


The Candle …

Hand-blended and hand-poured by us in England, using only natural ingredients, with no additives or synthetic fragrances.  We use only 100% natural soy wax, cotton wicks and pure essential oils to create a luxurious candle that will burn a minimum of 40 hours.

225g / Single Wick


This blend is also available as a Three Wick Candle

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