New Season ...

The arrival of Spring is a great time for both reflection and for new ideas.  So it’s a perfect opportunity for us to reflect on our first six months as a brand, what we have learned and to look forward to the coming months and the next stage in our journey.

When we launched last July, we loved what we had created and were hopeful that others would too.  It’s always nerve-wracking to put your heart and soul into something that you believe passionately in, then have to cross your fingers and hope that you’ve got it right.  Six months on, it’s been a roller-coaster, a huge learning-curve and happily, a confirmation that people love what we do.  Phew!  

We have had some really positive media coverage - have a look at our new Reviews section of the website to check out what people are saying about us.  We now have a growing number of stockists; getting our first retail stockist last August, a month after we launched was incredibly exciting for us; it was such a buzz and we were hugely flattered that a retailer liked our products and our ethos so much that they decided to stock our whole range there and then.

Swapping the corporate world for the chance to create our own brand and products has taken us outside of our comfort zone; six months on, we have met some really amazing and inspirational people; learnt some great lessons - about business and about life; and reinforced our determination to continue to grow and expand Gli Oli.

That expansion begins with new fragrance blends for Spring/Summer.  We are currently blending and fine-tuning new fragrances to add to the portfolio in the next few months.  We believe that the best fragrances for your home are those created exclusively using pure essential oils.  Our home and office is currently filled with the aromas of Spring and Summer - rose, lavender, geranium, orange blossom, jasmine as we experiment with creating those perfect new blends.  As soon as we are happy that the new blends are amazing, we will let you in on the secret!

Now, we’d better get back to those blends…