New Beginnings

I wonder how many "big" ideas start on a beach? How many of us dream of getting out of the daily grind? Of being our own boss.  The seeds that Gli Oli has grown from were sown here - on Koekohe Beach in New Zealand, staring in wonder at the Moeraki Boulders. 

Tired of our jobs and worn out by commuting, we had sold our house, sold our car, given up our jobs and embarked on a world trip.  We weren't gap year students, searching for that big adventure before university; we were sensible, happily-married, mortgage-paying, mid-thirties;  desperately searching for something different to do with our lives; something we could be proud of and believe in.

The trip opened our eyes to many things, amongst them the power and possibilities offered by alternative therapies and I quickly became fascinated by aromatherapy and the therapeutic properties of essential oils.  By the time we returned home nine months later, I had decided to train in aromatherapy and follow my passion.

Back home, reality set in, we needed to live, so had to return to working and commuting full-time - I studied for my professional diploma in aromatherapy at weekends and in the evenings.  We still dreamt of being our own bosses and of doing something we believed in, rather than simply working to pay the bills.

I'd be lying if I said our journey to this point was a short one, it has taken us 12 years since we took that picture of the Moeraki Boulders to get here and there have been a few bumps on the road, but we have arrived finally, at the beginning of the Gli Oli story.  

We have strived to create a brand that is luxurious without compromising on our core value - to deliver quality products, using only 100% pure essential oils and natural soy waxes and soya-derived base products, free from chemicals, additives or synthetic fragrances.  

We have enjoyed the ride so far and invite you to join us on the next stage of our journey.